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Fragile Freight | Fragile Cargo Shipping | Edmonton AB | Fast Lane

Fragile Freight Fragile Cargo Edmonton AB

Fragile Freight | Fragile Cargo Shipping | Edmonton Alberta

Top-Tech Air Ride Suspension System Vehicles

Fragile freight and sensitive cargo requires fragile transport and delivery solutions. Fast Lane Transport employs state of the art technology with Air Ride Suspension equipped vehicles for the softest ride and best handling suspension possible, for all your fragile shipping needs.


Your fragile freight will be delivered on purpose-built Air Ride system equipped vehicles with Air Suspension designed for the sensitive nature of your fragile cargo, with the utmost level of safety standards.


Our Air Ride Suspension systems are designed with the most advanced level of knowledge and technology currently achieved in any given field.


Our dedicated driver is assigned to your fragile freight to ensure safe and proper handling from point of pickup to its destination.

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Fragile Freight Fragile Cargo Shipping Edmonton Alberta 4



  • Computerized Equipment
  • Construction Fragile Freight
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Electronic Instrumentation Panels
  • Electrical Motors with Ceramic Bearings
  • Fragile Oil and Gas Valves
  • Glass Panels and Sheets of Glass
  • Pressure Sensitive Valves (PSV's)
  • Production Equipment
  • Sensitive Freight and Equipment
  • Vertical and Horizontal Pumps
  • Windows, Doors, and Patio Doors
  • And So Much More!



To provide a smooth, unfluctuating ride for sensitive loads.

Safe shipping for fragile freight to arrive at its destination undamaged and intact in the same condition it left your location in.

Air Ride Suspension minimizes the stress and shock from potholes, frost heaved roads, washboard roads, gravel roads, lease roads, and unpaved rough driving job sites.

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Air Ride Suspensions are air springs or air bag systems designed to assist in the even distribution for the weight of a load or for fragile freight.

This provides a safer method of delivery for your customers' sensitive goods, and more comfortable ride for drivers when hauling heavy loads, lowering driver fatigue.

Your customers will gain added confidence and increased satisfaction in knowing that their fragile freight will be delivered safely, on time and undamaged, thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity.



Your fragile cargo must be packed securely on skids or in crates of solid material prior to shipping with sufficient and adequate padding, bracketing, bracing, or protection for safe handling. 

Any special handling must be relayed to us prior to pickup.  

Please ensure that your special cargo is clearly marked as 'Fragile' and 'This Side Up.'  

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Contact us 24/7 to inquire about our unique Fragile Freight Shipping on

Air Ride Suspension equipped vehicles.

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